Subject Re: [IBO] UDF Calls not Working
Author Helen Borrie (TeamIBO)
At 03:44 PM 24-04-02 +0200, you wrote:
>I know that this is not the correct place to ask but seeing as I'm using
>IBObjects I'm sure I'll find a willing helper. :)
>Not sure what I'm doing wrong but whenever I use a function from a UDF I get
>an error. If I use IBAdmin or Marathon etc the entire UDF library is shown
>against my database. I have droped the DLL into the UDF directory - is that
>correct or must it be in the Win system directory?
>Mainly I just receive a 'Function not defined - Module or Entry point not
>found' error.

Do you have the function declaration in your database? If so, do you still
have the sourcecode you used to declare it? and if so, is the declaration
correct? Post-IB 5 databases are a lot more fussy about quotes, for
example. You can't use double-quotes in the declarations any more...

If worst comes to worst, you might have to drop the function, commit, and
redeclare and commit. I don't think so though, cuz I plonk databases all
over the place without doing that. OTOH, I recall Jason having a real
picnic when we were testing the BlobCompare UDF.

Another strategy is to configure a list of external_function_directory
entries in your ibconfig (Win) or isc_config (Lin)'s some blurb:
This parameter (available only in Superserver) can be used to specify an
arbitrary number of locations for
user-defined function libraries and/or character set definitions. If this
configuration parameter does not exist,
Firebird checks the sub-directories ..\udf or ..\intl beneath the root path
pointed to by the INTERBASE
environment variable.
external_function_directory <double-quoted directory path>
external_function_directory "opt/firebird/my_functions"
external_function_directory "d:\udfdir"

After configuring this, you'll need to restart the server.

Oh, and, in future, please post your database-specific questions to
ib-support. Just because someone here *can* answer your off-topic
questions is not a good argument for flouting our rules. Same goes for
ib-support - there are about a dozen of us IBO who are regular responders
there but that's no excuse for posting IBO questions there.

Yeah, ok, I'm a miserable old gripe...but it falls to my unhappy lot to
field the complaints, since I'm the Admin of these darned lists.

Helen Borrie (TeamIBO Support)

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