Subject Re: [IBO] Marathon Open source
Author Carlos Macao
Hi Don,

<<<Is anyone going to work on the Marathon project in sourceforge? >>>

Yes there is a team working hardly on it.

<<<If someone would recompile version 1 with the latest IBObjects would be
great but I don't think source for it has been released. I've looked for the
source code for version 2 but either it isn't out there or I don't know how
to use source forge correctly.>>>

Version 1 was discontinued, version 2 had too much dependent third part
components and it wasn't in a build state. Version 3 is and it has been
builded with last IBO package but we are working hardly to get out the final
version, because this one has got some "nasty" bugs. But we are opened to
accept all the tests and bug reports that the community wants to give at the
address reported above. Keep in mind that the snapshot sources and builds
available are for test proposing not for production environment.

Carlos Macao
Marathon - The SQL Tool for Firebird & InterBase