Subject Re: [IBO] Error on IB_Query
Author George Hugo
> Change it to
> Select C.*,
> (Select Desc_Seg From Segmentos S Where S.ID_SEG = C.ID_SEG)
> as Desc_Seg,
> (Select Desc_FPagto From FormaPagto F Where F.ID_FPAGTO = C.ID_FPAGTO)
> as Desc_FPagto
> From Clientes C
> and, in the query's property editor, give those two subselected columns
> COMPUTED attribute.

Sorry, I´ve misstranscribed the Sql. It was exactly as you said and the
properties of the columns too.

> Also, I don't see why you are a pointer to pass the dataset
> reference. Just pass a TIB_Query - it's already a pointer.

I thougth using Pointers I could have a ligth movement of objects, because
using pointers you move only the memory pointer of the object and not the
full object.
But it´s off topic.

By the way, I´ve solved the problem for while, I´m doing everithing from the
begining step-by-setp again to see where the error was being generated.

Thanks vey much for the attention Helen