Subject Re: [IBO] Upgrade to newest version
Author Helen Borrie (TeamIBO)
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> > Installing a new release over an old one isn't very efficient,
> either! You
> > tend to break things.
>You are scaring me Helen!


Here is what I do:

For all installs:

Go to Components>Install and remove all of the IBO packages.
Go to my BPL folder and delete all the IBO BPLS.

For patches:
Unzip the patch into my ibo4 root directory, accepting Overwrite Existing.

For fresh installs:
delete my ibo4 directory.
unzip the release, having it extract to a "new" ibo4 directory.
I also go into my ibo4 directory and create a folder called 'dcp' - I'm
pointing to this in my env. path setups ( I do this because I'm a bit low
on space on my c-drive, where the bpl output dir is for D5)

Then, for all installs -
I go into Delphi and do a build-all on the program group.
Then I install the DT packages one by one.

The whole process takes 2.5 minutes and never blows up.

Do what works for you, I say.

Helen Borrie (TeamIBO Support)

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