Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_Query buffering
Author georgethenorge
Thanks for all of the information. I don't know which I am doing more of these days - learning about IBO/IB/Firebird, or unlearning PDox/BDE ;)

If you process batches of
> data on the client on a row-by-row basis (i.e. in the typical "while not
> eof" loop) it's the slowest thing you can do.

That is exactly what I am trying to gain an understanding of.

I have to display 100 records on the screen, each of which is a little visual element that the user can manipulate. So, I am stuck dragging in all 100 to start with.

However, few of these get edited in any way. Most of them are just used for screen updates. The person changes a position, and I repaint the screen, using the info from all of the records.

I know that the "while not eof" loop on a pdox query kills performance, that is why I put all of the records in an array that I can walk at lightning tempo.

My questions boil down to:

1. Rather than using my own array, is it possible to walk (not edit) a TIB_Query in the same fashion at a decent speed?

2. A user often will change a paramater of an element many times. Is it possible to post to the same record many times, and only post to the server when they are really done? That was the "writing" I was alluding to.

3. Assuming that 1. and 2. are not really very smart ideas, is it best just to have the user interact with an array in the GUI, and do SP's for new, edited, and deleted records?

Thanks in advance.

George Helmke