Subject Re: [IBO] tib_date without datasource connection
Author Marco Menardi
Jason Wharton wrote:

>Yes, the TIB_Date works in an unbound state. I believe it has a Date
>property. A peek in would show you.
It has not, this is the reason I added the .Value property in a patch I
sent you some days ago ;)
I know you have been ill, but since I often fear that my messages have
been lost, I ask you: did you receive my patch for:
- IB_date added .value property and better working autofill (uses 2 year
format to avoid type century)
- IB_Grid: IB_CustomCombo.Destroy better implemented
- LockSQL property usage improved (you can provide only the assignment
part of the SQL, if IBO can buil the rest
- IB_Updatebar with reduced unnecessary events firing and less windows
resource usage

Sorry if it's a re-posting, but, as I explained in another post, my
messages if sent from the web yahoo interface take days to appear or are
Marco Menardi