Subject Re: [IBO] Problems compiling sample programs
Author bhatakeyama
Hi Lester...

I had previously looked for any reference to IBO_C3 in the
Project options but found none. I finally looked at the
.BPR file with a text editor (didn't know where 'required'
was used) and found that IBO_C3 was referenced by IBO40WRT_C6.lib.
So I rebuilt the project from scratch and now it's compiling.
Thanks for the push :)


> We havn't finished packaging the source for Builder6 yet -
> the samples will have to follow.
> In the meantime, in the project 'required' section, replace
> the reference to IBO_C3 with the files required for IBO4. A
> lot of the Builder stuff has never been updated from IBO3,
> but the changes are quite simple.