Subject Re: 3 Tier App with IBO
Author scebbrell20

Have a word with Kim at
They have kbmMW available which may suit your requirements.
I am currently evaluating their freeware Internet components with
IBO+Firebird and they look very promising, very RAD.


--- In IBObjects@y..., Damian Dowling <damian-dowling@p...> wrote:
> Hi
> I am planning on doing a 3 tier app, it will be my first. If i
> it correctly the clients with use the standard VCL DB aware
controls that
> connection to the Middleware client component. This in turn
connects to the
> App server which uses IBO to talk to Firebird.
> Assuming i have the above correct - What Middle-ware component
suite would
> you recommend?
> It is a pity you cannot use IBO controls on the client.
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