> I'm thinking about GeneratorLink usage and i find it unefficient. For
> example if you set this property for a primary key and you put your
> query in insert state generator is called imedietly. So you
> incremented generator value. Then You cancel insert and your
> generator value is still incremented.


That is an acceptable way of doing things EXCEPT...

> The only problem with this kind of solution is with refreshing query
> because new value is not shown until you refresh query.

The whole point of IBO assigning the generator value FIRST
is that it can find the record to refresh it. With the
old-fashioned way of working you have described, you would
have to read the whole table again to find the record you
just added. A bit more inefficient?

That said, the trigger you describe should be added anyway
so that changes made via applications not using IBO or via
IB_SQL will correctly updated.

For every plus there are usually several minuses <g>

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services