Subject Re: [IBO] Displaying/Editing a Memo in TIB_GRID
> How do I get a memo field (text) to display in a TIB_Grid? The grid simply
> displays the word - Description - and nothing else. I will also need to edit
> memos in other parts of the app and this should be done inline, if possible.

When I need the text in the grid, I use a VARCHAR field, but
most of my customers also want the unlimited memo facility,
so a double click on the 'Description' gives you a larger
memo window, which can then be edited. For one customer this
is now a RTF memo, so they can add colour coding. Trying to
be that flexible right in the grid is probably not
practical, but a simple pop-up has been quite acceptable.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services