Subject Re: [IBO] Default Values does not work
Author Koby Peleg Hen
lester@... wrote:
>>Hello All
>> may some one know why the TIBQuery.DefaultValues does NOT
>> work if they were entered by code and DO work if they were
>> enterd by the Object inspector
> First thought would be - This is a string list, are you sure
> your code is putting the same thing into it that the Object
> Inspector does in the background.
> A little info on setup would also help. Delphi? IBO4?
> I do this very ocasionally from Builder without problems.

Hello again
What i am try to say is that the string does get in
but the TIboQuery do not use them as a default Values
for the field which they ment to be fill in.
I am using Dehlhi 5 IBO 4Ga
I also think you should know that i made an upgrade from ver 3.6dg
which seems to be working fine.

thank you for your time
Koby Peleg Hen