Subject Re: [IBO] IB_xxxBars memory leak?
Author mmenaz
The problem has to be much worse that it appears.
With the patch I'm using it's solved, but I don't think it's the reason of the problem.
There is something with focus / transaction / other datasets state / etc involved.
For instance, if I click to the first line (checkbox) and then to the second, it appears the error, but if I click to the first line, then click to the Post button of the updatebar, and then click to the second line of the grid, everything is OK.
Since this is a problem I can trace out (I've spent about 18 hours on it, without success), can I sent the whole thing to you? As stated, I can't reduce the problem to a simple app, but I can give you a 5 step path to reproduce it...
Marco Menardi

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> Someone went through the IBO resource usage leaking problem quite a while
> back and the few things that weren't being done just right I've corrected.
> Grid checkmarks are perhaps one area that hasn't been scrutinized as well as
> the rest of the stuff. Perhaps someone out there can use one of those fancy
> resource meters to peer into this issue?
> Thanks,
> Jason Wharton
> CPS - Mesa AZ
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> Sent: Saturday, April 13, 2002 6:16 AM
> Subject: [IBO] IB_xxxBars memory leak?
> > Hi, anyone experimenting "out of system resources" with IBO forms that
> contains IB_xxxbar? Expecially problems with grids with fields rendered
> using checkbox and update bar?
> > My program can't run on Win98 but, yesterday, it had problems with Win2000
> when registering invoices.
> > The sequence was: clicking on a checkbox in the grid, then click on the
> checkbox of the following row. A IB_UpdateBas has to be present, visible and
> enabled.
> > I can't reproduce the bug in a small sample, sorry. I have to use a lot of
> resource first to then have it going out in that special sequence.
> > I've found a solution, using
> > B.Dormant;
> > B.FreeImage;
> > in the FillImages procedure, but I don't understand if this solves the
> problem (due a some strange Delphi bug) or just makes the limit a little
> ahead.
> > I'm using: Delphi 6.1 update pack 1 and then 2 (problem persisted)
> > Win2000 SP1
> > 1280x1024 res 24 bit depth
> > Ibo 4.2Gc
> > Any suggestion on how find where the problem is? I think is not in my
> program since hiding the UpdateBar solves it, and having the grid not using
> checkboxes solves it too.
> > Thanks
> > Marco Menardi