Subject [IBO] Re: Default values not defaulting (newbie)
Author mmenaz
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> At 06:08 AM 11-04-02 +0000, bhata wrote:
> >I am using IBOQuery with the latest IBO4Gc.

[big cut]

> With IBO, you can use the ib_connection's GetServerDefaults property to
> make IBO query the server for them. All very well in concept, but it means
> an extra query = more network overhead. So IBO helps you by letting you
> install the defaults on the client side and thus avoid that overhead.

Just to add that recent improvements in IBO default management (Gb? Gc?) makes the default values of all the database being automatically retrieved only once from the server and stored in memory in the schemacache (this is automatically done with the GetServerDefaults set and when any datasets is going to insert mode).
So even if you don't use a "local copy" the performance issue is very little (of couse, if you use a modem connection it counts, but with lan it's really little).
Marco Menardi