Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_Grid recalc before changing selected Row
Author Bob
Geoff, the code you gave near the end of your email worked for me (with
modifications of course). (Thanks!)

Now that I am reasonably comfortable with IBObjects, I'm getting to the
point where programming technique is something to consider. For example, how
costly (in time and resources) is opening a query that's already open? How
about a Prepare? When iterating through a dataset performing calculations,
should I keep addressing Query['FIELDNAME'] and calculate on that or assign
the value of the field to a local variable to manipulate. There are many
other similar questions; I've got things working pretty well now and should
be considering performance as I code, but I am ignorant regarding these
aspects of IBO.

Should I just post such questions here on the board, or is there someplace
else that I've missed that would help.

Thanks again for the help.


> procedure TForm1.IB_Query1DataChange(Sender:TIB_StatementLink;
> Statement: TIB_Statement; Field: TIB_Column);
> begin
> if FInternalChange = 0 then
> try
> Inc(FInternalChange);
> if IB_Query1.State in [dssEdit,dssInsert] and (
> (Assigned(Field) and (Field.FieldName = 'MYFIELD')) or
> (Field = nil) ) then
> IB_Query1.CalculateFields;
> finally
> Dec(FInternalChange);
> end;
> end;
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