Subject [IBO] Re: Inserting and navigating records in a closed dataset
Author mmenaz
--- In IBObjects@y..., Geoff Worboys <geoff@t...> wrote:
> > I'm using IB_Edit controls descendant, so they should be ok.
> You mentioned IB_Date - it may be descended from IB_Edit but it adds a
> lot. I dont know if it has any specific replication problems but it
> is quite possible.

Yes, but if the dataset is open, it works ok, if the dataset is closed, it works bad on the inserted rows, so I think is not a IB_Date problem.
btw, when will you write a technote about components embedding in grids? And something about CtrlGrid? I think, since building compatible controls is not that trivial, many avoid this, but IB_CtrlGrid is so usefull in many situations that is a pity having only limited controls to use with (ok, you provide your ehn controls for that! ;))

> > But it's not this my main problem for this post :)
> OK :-)
> > Simpli put: take a dataset, a updatebar and a grid. Keep the dataset
> > close. Then hit "+" and add a record, fill the fields, post it, then
> > add one more, and so on. You will have, for istance, a grid with 10
> > records. You can navigate the grid, edit fields, delete rows but the
> > dataset is still Close! Is it "normal"? Is it "safe"?
> It is intentional. It is a feature introduced a long time ago and I
> have many users performing inserts directly from search mode. It
> allows work to be done without wasting time retrieving records that
> you dont want to see anyway. It is safe in my experience.

I'm doing it too. The "problem" has come out not in single record insert, but with the IB_CtrlGrid and some records. So it's worth investigating (hope will not be a too deep problem, sigh!)

> I would have to check but I believe I have setup my application so
> that opens are cascaded as a result of insert into the master. But
> then all my datasets start in search mode anyway (from which I perform
> the insert).

Like me, after discovering the problem with the detail dataset closed... So you never encountered problems, of course.


> hth
What's "hth"?
Marco Menardi