Subject Re: [IBO] How can I load a query in memory?
Author pepmallorca
--- In IBObjects@y..., Lucas Franzen <luc@r...> wrote:
> It won't be too much coding to set up an object which will save
> informations for you and storing all the objects you have in a
> TObjectList (which has the big advantage compared to a regular TList
> that you don't have to free the stored objects on your own -
> clearing/freeing an ObjectList will do that automatically).
> Searching the ObjectList for a certain object is "lightning fast";
> Maybe this is an option for you?
> Regards
> Luc.

Before I read your e-mail, I created a TStringList, and it's very
very fast. In the actual problem (possibly later I need more
information) only need save information about a string.

If you think TObjectList is better, could you send me a little code
to view it (to the Yahoo Group or particular - if you think it's no
information about IBOBJECTS - )

For my problem I think it's the best solution.

But if you wan't load a lot of records, maybe it's so slowly this
initial load. Maybe limit of memory? Doesn't it?

Also I'll test the solution of Helen (to use the IB_Cursor) to obtain
more speed than with LOCATE and compare.

Helen !!!

I was sending an e-mail to Kim, and he answer me very quickly. His
component I think it's a good thing. Now I have to studied if
continue and finish a version of my project with an alternative like
the TStringList, IB_Cursor... (I think yes for my first version) or
change A LOT OF CODE using TkbmMemTable.

Thank you (Helen & Lucas) !!!