Subject Re: [IBO] Fill titles in a query in execute time
Author Jason Wharton
Look at the properties of the TIB_Column class.
DisplayLabel and Alignment.

Also, when using a buffered query, call Open or set Active to true to open
Calling first may not do the trick unless the query has been opened first.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: [IBO] Fill titles in a query in execute time

> Hello:
> In some cases, I have an IB_Query_Tmp that I use to create a query,
> and then show in a IB_GRID:
> I write lines like:
> sql.clear;
> sql.add('select a,b,c from table where c=:pC');
> prepare;
> parambyname('pC').AsString:='xxxx';
> first;
> But, how can I link a title, to each of the columns (a,b,c), in
> execution time, before show the information in the grid?
> Something like...
> FieldByName('a').Title:='First name';
> FieldByName('b').Title:='Adress';
> And information about alignment?