Subject Re: [IBO] dataset can not scroll
Author Geoff Worboys
> Thank you,
> How can I refresh a dataset?

To see only newly inserted or deleted rows you need only do a
RefreshKeys. To see only updates to existing rows RefreshRows. To
see all changes do a full Refresh.

> The help file show this: Function Refresh: boolean;
> It's return boolean or I must to pass a boolean value for it? (sorry
> by this question)

This means it returns a boolean value and does not take any
parameters. In the case of Refresh/RefreshKeys/RefreshRows the return
value is true is there is a record selected (records exist) after the
refresh. If no records exist or the dataset is sitting at EOF or BOF
(no record is selected) then the result will be false.

More often than not I simply call Refresh (or whatever) and ignore the
return value.


Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing