Subject ANN: IB LogManager v2.0.5.3 with IBO DML Caching Integration Support released!
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
I'm proud to announce a new release of IB LogManager 2.0 and
IB LogManager Viewer 2.0 - The Logging Tool for Interbase/Firebird.

The most important enhancement in this release is the IBO DML
Caching Integration Support, which enables you to take advantage
of the powerful data change notification mechanism called
"DML Caching" in your IBO application in a very easy way!
Want to know more about DML Caching? Please read the
DML Caching Tech Info sheet on Jason Wharton's web site.

What's new in v2.0.5.3 (March 26, 2002):

1) IBO DML Caching support implemented. This feature can be
enabled in the Prepare-Wizard, when preparing the database.
The trigger and event name for the after insert trigger on
the operation log table can be choosen in the Prepare-Wizard.
The event-trigger can be activated/deactivated any time in
the "Database Properties" dialog. The "Export Logging Metadata"
feature was adapted to consider the possible IBO DML Caching
Integration by exporting the source of the after insert trigger.
2) Table and column names (operation and column log) in a dialect 3
database can be logged as delimited identifiers enclosed by
double-quotes. This ensures, that logged table and column names
can be accessed without struggling with the delimited identifiers
stuff. Logged delimited identifiers are also important for the
proper IBO DML Caching default behaviour. The necessary option
for this new feature can be found in the 'Options' dialog
(tabsheet 'Logging').
3) The usage of dialect 3 delimited identifiers inside the logging
triggers has been optimized.
4) Visual improvement in the Prepare/Unprepare-Wizard. Different
glyphs for Users and Roles are shown in the Users/Roles-Listbox.
5) Granted Users/Roles on logging metadata are pre-selected in the
6) Additional filters (*.gdb, *.fdb, *.*) for selecting a database
file in the Open-Dialog has been added.
7) Online-Help updated.

1) The appearance of the GUI when using German as internal language
has been fixed.

Thomas Steinmaurer
IB LogManager 2.0 - The Logging Tool for Interbase/Firebird