Subject Re: [IBO] sync befor edit, after edit, afterinsert
Author Geoff Worboys
> How can I use this options? I'm trying to search for it in the helps
> files but I din't have sucess.
> Sync Before Edit
> Sync After Edit
> Sync AfterInsert

I presume you are talking about the BufferSynchroFlags options...

bsBeforeEdit can be used to ensure that the user attempts to edit the
latest copy of the record - just in case someone else has altered the
record making the buffer copy of the record out-of-date.

NOTE: This option will only work with transaction isolation of
tiCommitted. The other transaction isolations will prevent changes
made by other users from being visible.

bsAfterEdit and bsAfterInsert should be enabled if you table has After
update and after insert triggers that alter field values. Turning
these options on causes IBO to refresh the records from the table
after posting - to ensure that the trigger applied changes are visible
to the user.

Does this help?

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing