Subject Re: IBOPipeline
Author frank_ingermann
Hi Helmut,

kittikira schrieb:
> Hi,
> I just downloaded the new IBOPipeline and wanted it to install, but
> allways get the error "Align unknown command" or something else.
> I use Delphi5. Does this only work with Delphi6?

(note i don't have/use IBOPipeline, this is just off the top of my

yes, it's a newly introduced compiler directive in D6. If you have the
sources, open the package source file which starts with a bunch of
compiler directives. Comment out the {$Align..} statement and try

Another prob you *might* have is the name of DsgnIntf unit, which is
split up in DesignIntf and VCLEditors in D6. If this is the case,
comment them out and USES DsgnIntf instead. That should do the trick.
You can look at the IBO sources to see how to use IFDEFS so it will
compile under D5 *and* D6. (This was a major problem i encountered in
trying to make my fiSPEd compile under both versions... they changed
quite a bit in the handling of Property Editors from D5 to D6. Take a
look at !)

(sorry if this msg appears twice - fighting yahoogroups again...)

hth & regards,