Subject Re: [IBO] Bug in IBO Gc when using german date format (with solution)!
Author Geoff Worboys
> So the following two functions won't work in the actual source.
> I've made some little modifications for german users in IB_Utils:

I am not sure who changed this code previously - I remember a
conversation with Jason where he said that someone was insisting the
function constants be moved to the constants source file - even though
those constants should NOT be localised.

The entire idea behind these functions was go provide a consistent
mechanism for processing dates as strings - in a manner that was
locale independant. To this end the original format was
'YYYY"/"MM"/"DD" "HH":"MM":"SS".0000"'
(and OK the second "MM" should have been "NN" but it did not really

Now it seems that it all has been localised and so the original
intention of the methods has been lost.

Jason, would you mind reverting these methods to their original form
from IBO3.6 - and removing the various definitions in constants files?
This should avoid the confusion of people trying to apply localisation
to what should be static strings.

> function DateTimeToEncodeString( ADateTime: TDateTime ): string;
> function EncodeStringToDateTime( AValue: string ): TDateTime;

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing