Subject Re: [IBO] Generator links property
Author Daniel Rail
At 23/03/2002 02:54 PM, you wrote:
>"Geoff Worboys" <geoff@...> escreveu na mensagem
> > > Where are this help file? I alredy look for it. This is in the
> > > Getting Started Guide or is in other help file?
>I have all the documentation, but I dont know where are the documentation
>for the GeneratorLink property that was mencioned by Jason. Before I post
>the question, I already look for it, but I don't succeed.
>"Please see help file for the GeneratorLinks property.
>By making settings in here IBO does it for you."

I found it in the IBO.hlp file. If you look for TIB_Dataset, TIB_BDataset
and TIB_Query, you'll find the help for GeneratorLinks. Also, look at the
Contact sample that comes with IBO for an example of usage.

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