Subject Re: [IBO] ib_query and ib_datasource
Author Geoff Worboys
> No, in all of the forms that I use the native IBO componentes. When
> the form is shown, the query that I set to active in the design
> mode, is closeds. If I put a in the onshow of the
> form, the problem is resolved.

Do you understand that (by default) IBO does not save prepared/open
status from design mode ?? That is; you must (by default) explicitly
open the dataset when the application runs.

This is intentional as saving dataset open states can lead to various
problems and confusion if you dont remember to reset everything back
to exactly the way you want it before saving the application design.

However, if you do want to proceed with the not recommended approach
of saving prepared/open status (so datasets open at designtime
automatically open when the app runs) then you simply drop a
TIB_SessionProps component onto the mainform of your application and
set the "StoreActive" property to true.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing