Subject Re: Calculator
Author mmenaz
If you wanto to know further IB_Currency details, have a look to the comments on top of the source, or the ones preceding each property/method declaration (file IBC_Currency.INT).
To answer your question: no, it has not. It was planned, but I realized that it's not really usefull, since what I usually need is one step calculation (i.e. I've to enter 12.25 - 5, or 16% of 452). So I gave IB_Currency the possibility of have "in place" calculation (i.e. enter 12.25, then '-', then 5, and for the resoult, type '=' or leave the control (tab).
If many people need the dropdown calculator, I could implement it (now I'm more confident with the source of DatePick, a very good piece of code from what the calculator could be "derived").
But I'm sure the "inline" one is enought for you too ;)

Marco Menardi

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> Hi!
> I have been testing the ib_currency component. Does it have a drop down
> calculator? If true, how can I get access to it?
> Best regards,
> Antoni Aloy