Subject RE: [IBO] Request for help
Author frank_ingermann
Hi Jason,

> I wonder if anyone would have on hand or be willing to contribute
some code
> to IB_SQL.
> What I would like is the ability to click a button on the Cursor tab
(or the
> Query Forms) with a prepared SELECT statement and have it
> generate a SELECT procedure which will perform the exact same result

Sounds like a fun thing to do. I'm actually writing something
quite similar atm for one of my own projects: i want to make
the same function that IBExpert offers (to create
nsert/Update/Delete/Select StoredProcs from any query).
So if you don't mind, i can give it a try. It would be nice
if you could give some more details about what exactly you want
to have (esp. what to do whith the StoredProc source after
generating it :-)

> If someone feels up to the task and does a good job, I'll forward a
> to your credit card of $50 or so. Not much but it would be my way of
> you to a nice place to have dinner or something of the sort.

That's generous, but imho not necessary. Being able to work with
IBO is reward enough! (and as for the dinner, you'd have to add
the cost for a plane flight from Germany :-))

> I keep wanting to do this but I don't have the patience...
> Regards,
> Jason Wharton
> CPS - Mesa AZ

I'll see whether my patience is any better<g>...
You can contact me directly under frank@...