Subject Re: [IBO] GridLinks and DisplayWidth
Author Geoff Worboys
> I try to explain my problem with a little example:
> I have a query like that
> select name,city from customers
> and the data is displayed in a grid without gridlinks. per default
> the width of name is 100, so the displaywidth of this column is at
> the start 100. Now I change the columnwidth in the grid and the
> displaywith of name changes to 200.

> Now I set the gridlinks of the grid to
> name
> city

> I open the query and displaywidth of name is 100, but after resizing the
> name-col displaywidth stays at the value of 100.

> And this is the behaviour as it should be ?

Are you saying that you cannot change the width of the name-col on the
grid? OR are you saying that size changes on the grid are not shown
in the FieldsDisplayWidth property or the TIB_Column.DisplayWidth
properties? (This latter option has never been the case, changes to
the grid display width never impacted directly on column properties
and are not intended to.)

For grid specific width information you may find it useful to read the
online help TIB_CustomGrid.GridLinks for details about the WIDTH and
ALIGN params to the GridLinks entries.

From memory this was setup so that changes made to the columns on the
grid itself where stored in the GridLinks (the Width param added).


Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing