Subject Re: [IBO] Problems on IbConstants-Brasil.pas
Author Carlos H. Cantu
I update this unit yesterday and now it is working, but I dont have it
with me right now. I will send it to Jason tomorrow so he can include
it in the package.


WarmBoot Informatica -
Interbase-BR -

c> Lack of some definitions:

c> // Global Defaults ( Do NOT localize these )
c> G_DefaultRowHeight = 17;

c> DTEncode_DateDelimit = '/';
c> DTEncode_TimeDelimit = ':';
c> DTEncode_DateTimeDelimit = ' ';
c> DTEncode_DecodeFormat = '%.4u/%.2u/%.2u %.2u:%.2u:%.2u.%.3u0';
c> DTEncode_DateTimeFormat = 'YYYY"/"MM"/"DD" "HH":"NN":"SS".0000"';
c> DT_DateFormat = 'MM"/"dd"/"yyyy';
c> DT_TimeFormat = 'hh":"nn":"ss';

c> for example,

c> I am going to sending mail for colaborators:
c> Walter,
c> João Batista,
c> José Eduardo and
c> Cláudio Edijanio.

c> Delphi do not compile IBO42Gb with these unit, but OK
c> with IBConstants-port.pas

c> Best regards,
c> Carlos Augusto.

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