Subject RE: [IBO] DML Caching (take 2)
Author Riho-Rene Ellermaa
<It's to do with threading, each thread should have it's own
< connection. If you are doing anything using a timer, and
< that timer is using a thread, then I sometimes see problems
< when another module is also using that connection. If you
< never have anything working in the background you should be
< OK. Except that IBO is also doing things in the background,
< but I think the timers are safe there.

I don't use threads and timers, so I'm safe. By different modules I mean that I have separated different program logic into separate dynamically loaded modules (domestic payments, foreign payments, conversions, etc)

< There must be something doing a refresh for the remote
< copies to see a change? IBO does not know about anything but
< its local copy, and it's that refresh that is not actually
< happening.

The point is that remote copies work OK. DML in database sends event to all connected programs that catch it and do refresh. But the event is sent only to other users, so the user that made change in one of his module can't see refreshed data in his other module ( but all other users see the refreshed data in realtime)

Riho-Rene Ellermaa
senior programmer

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