Subject Re: [IBO] Some further IBO/FB1 incompatibility considerations
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
<lester@...> wrote in message news:3C91A9D3.601BE84A@......
> Every current IBO application is broken by the change. There
> is nothing wrong with the old code, is is simply that Jason
> adds the table name to the column name in an insert
> statement.
> INSERT INTO x ( x.C1, x.C2 )
> the x. element is now creating an error, because of
> preventing the use of x.* which actually crashed Interbase.
> There is nothing wrong with including the table name, except
> strict adherence to the syntax. The result is always
> correct, unlike some of the other instances where the result
> was ambiguouse.

FALSE. The result is not always correct. If you want to be accurate, the
type of simple INSERT that IBO generates is not affected. But
insert into x (x.col) select f from y;
is affected if you exchange x.col by y.col; the engine will obey the bizarre
command and will insert NULL. Since the engine handles both cases with the
same logic, I had to write pathetic code to check that strange case.

Now it really lacks importance. Both cases are checked so you can continue
writing qualified inserts in FB1; therefore stop the whining.

You can continue crying in FB2. Those statements will be banned, IMHO.

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