Subject Re: [IBO] Some further IBO/FB1 incompatibility considerations
Author Helen Borrie (TeamIBO)
At 12:54 PM 15-03-02 +0000, Marco Menardi wrote:

> >
> > I certainly don't have a problem with joins, I rarely use
> > them that way.
>YES YES YES, I certainly have the problem with joins, I often used them
>that way :)

But now you have to do them correctly, right? Which ensures that your
customers no longer get dubious output from your joined queries.

> >
> > The problem is simply that EVERY automatic ( I'm listening
> > Tomas <g> ) INSERT is converted to an SQL format that is now
> > rejected.
>Yes, fixed in 2 lines code in IBO. Since automatic joins are build "on the
>fly", simple recompiling solves the problem.

What is "simple recompiling" for thousands of sites which are using
applications compiled with *any* version of IBO except the latest, fixed
one? Are you saying that it is "simple" to recompile every executable out
there that was built with IBO over the past five years, and to redeploy it
to every machine on every site?

The only apps the new fix will fix are those that we have in our IDEs right
now. It won't fix the four years' worth of deployed apps unless we either
supply our customers with new software, or tell them they can't use
Firebird 1.0. THAT is the problem. It is a fix that breaks correct
code. It is in no way similar to *your* problem, in which a correction to
the Firebird code identified *your* SQL errors and also provided a
safeguard against your repeating similar errors in future.

>The join "problem" has to be manually fixed AND TESTED. I like this new
>syntax for joins and I want it, but in a general case, talking about
>"painless upgrade", this is what will prevent the database engine upgrade
>for the "good old apps", I think.

It is *not* a "new syntax for joins" at all: it is a correction to the
engine which prevents you from using wrong (i.e. ambiguous) syntax.

Helen Borrie (TeamIBO Support)

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