Subject Re: [IBO] Some further IBO/FB1 incompatibility considerations
Author mmenaz
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> > Probably my english is so poor that I can not meke the point clear, I apologise. What I was referring to is that (from FB1 release note):
> > ...
> > Ambiguous JOIN statements are now rejected
> > InterBase does not prevent you from submitting a statement like this:
> > ...
> > I think that THIS IS THE MAIN COMPATIBILY PROBLEM, not the Insert one. If you think that your old apps, with the Insert fix, will not encounter the above, ok, FB1 has to be fixed for old app compatibility. BUT I think that even with the Insert fix, you will not be able to run your old app against FB1 without change your code in the Joins (I had to do in my apps).
> I certainly don't have a problem with joins, I rarely use
> them that way.

YES YES YES, I certainly have the problem with joins, I often used them that way :)

> The problem is simply that EVERY automatic ( I'm listening
> Tomas <g> ) INSERT is converted to an SQL format that is now
> rejected.

Yes, fixed in 2 lines code in IBO. Since automatic joins are build "on the fly", simple recompiling solves the problem. The join "problem" has to be manually fixed AND TESTED. I like this new syntax for joins and I want it, but in a general case, talking about "painless upgrade", this is what will prevent the database engine upgrade for the "good old apps", I think.
I've received a lot of replies like I did not understand the difference or the meaning of the two issues (joins and inserts).
I DO understand it. What I don't understand is why you (I mena people, not particulary you) are screaming so loud for a problem that can easely fixed, since it's not very safe change the database engine for apps that you don't have the source, I think. And if you have the source, the insert problem is probably fixed only with a recompile, while the join one is more more difficoult (I had many problems and a lot of troubles. Fortunatly I'm still developing my app, so I had no problems with customers <g>).

> We are not complaining about new stuff - no argument. It's
> all the existing - fully operational applications that can't
> just have the server changed,

hmmmm... I would not do so, if I were you... or, if they are old and based upon IBO, why not recompile them with a new, bug fixed version of IBO too? Why change the engine because has some bugs (even if the app works good) and not upgrade the app too with a new IBO version?

> and THEN be updated to take
> advantage of the new features. I for one was hoping to check
> out and deploy FB1 Final, THEN look at updates to those
> programs that needed it, not to have to recompile and
> re-test the whole lot first ( some 50 interrelated programs!
> )

I will: upgrade apps on my PC, test them, then deploy with FB1 final. A blind upgrade of the server seems not very wise to me :) If something is working good, don't upgrade :). If has problems, upgrade and update (server+ibo).

Anyway, since it seems only my problem, and since it's not a real problem for me, just a thoughts and a wondering... doesn not metter anymore :)
Thanks a lot
Marco Menardi