Subject Re: [IBO] Some further IBO/FB1 incompatibility considerations
( Try Again - I duplicated one on ib-support rather than
resending this <g> )

> I don't want to insist, since I'm an happy IBO user and this incompatibility problem was annoying me too.
> But my thought was based upon the fact that the other "fix" of FB1 (the not table qualified columns in a join) is (maybe) THE MAIN PROBLEM, since I'm sure that all old apps using joins will be break by this new syntax check.

Every current IBO application is broken by the change. There
is nothing wrong with the old code, is is simply that Jason
adds the table name to the column name in an insert

INSERT INTO x ( x.C1, x.C2 )

the x. element is now creating an error, because of
preventing the use of x.* which actually crashed Interbase.
There is nothing wrong with including the table name, except
strict adherence to the syntax. The result is always
correct, unlike some of the other instances where the result
was ambiguouse.

> IF this is true, just recompiling (I had only to recomplile) or changing some hand made SQL is trivial, compared to the join problem (I had a lot of them to fix). IF I'm wrong upon this point, ok, FB has to be fixed...
> But I think that the even with the fix, you will have to recompile those old apps you have forgot about...
> Anyway, since FB will be fixed, I'm curious to see how many old apps will still work with it :)

The bottom line is that some people may not even have the
source to recompile, so they are stuck and not able to
upgrade. If they want to run old code while building new
replacements they would have to do it on an older version of
FB. Some old applications will probably have problems, if
they had 'random' results anyway, but to repeat, as it
stands at the moment NO existing IBO application can run on
FB1 ( if it INSERTS records <g> )

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services