Subject Re: [IBO] Some further IBO/FB1 incompatibility considerations
Author Jason Wharton
The syntax IBO uses is valid SQL. Firebird should not have been changed to
raise an exception in this circumstance. Especially since in the release
candidates it was still working that way.

I'm happy to change IBO so that we avoid this issue but, as I believe has
been consented, Firebird will be corrected in this respect and should allow
this to continue to be usable.

Also, just because its no big deal for you recompile your applications it
isn't such a trivial issue for hundreds of other people. IBO has been around
since Delphi 2 days and who knows how many applications have been written on
those earlier versions. How many of these people might want to use Firebird
but are not in a position to easily recompile those old apps they have
almost forgotten about. Now, with FB1, all compiled IBO applications are
unable to be used prior to my last sub-release. That's a big deal, much
bigger than making a speedy fix to FB1 and patching it.

FB 1.0x is definitely in order.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

""mmenaz"" <mmenaz@...> wrote in message
> After two day from the discovery that the Insert statements automatically
created by IBO are incompatible with the new FB1 (or vice versa ;), I think
that this problem will not be of big damage because:
> a) The IBO fix is very little (two lines) and can be made by Jason on the
old code that is already supported (3.6something), or by any registered user
> b) this will not prevent the adoption of FB1 more than the new control on
syntax in column name in joins. I had a lot of queries with joins and
columns not table qualified (ambiguous between two or more tables), so when
I adopted FB I had to fix and recompile my code. In this situation, adding
a) fix is a snap.
> So, since b) is out of question (I mean, FB will not revert to a confusing
syntax), a) should be a minor issue for IBO users, or am I missing
something? Do you really think your customers are able to update their
database by themselves? And, are they really using Fb_RC2? or more probably
they are using Interbase... so a) problem?
> Regards
> Marco Menardi