Subject Re: [IBO] RollBackRetaining
Author Jason Wharton
That's much more helpful.
I wish I could read minds sometimes but I think it would just be easier to
remind people from time to time that I can't and to please use more
consideration of that fact. Also, please remember to tidy up the emails by
trimming the gook at the bottom.

List etiquette is for all of our good.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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> A state (condition) that it thinks it should append a new record
> to Table1, eventhough Table1 was closed, This message ties in
> with my prior messsage on this subject, documenting every
> step seen thru the eyes id WISL
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> Jason Wharton wrote:
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> > Thanks for helping here. Will you please describe what you mean by an
> > unknown condition?
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> > Jason Wharton
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