Subject Re: [IBO] Yahoo Crap
> > I can go back to any build over
> > the last 5 years and recreate the development environment to
> > work on it.
> This is very interesting.
> By curiosity, do you keep a backup of the data + backup of application
> (sources, components, executable) inside this database?

No, and that is part of the problem with my current Netscape
eMail. I keep a .zip of the source/exe/notes of every build,
and reference them from my version control system. GExperts
- grep provides most of the search power - again something
that will not work to Netscape (or BLOBs <g>).

When I do a production update to any of the library stuff -
such as IBO. Then the same sort of package is created, and I
track which version each build requires. Builder is a pain
to 'reset' to an older version, but as long as the package
DOES NOT use it's own install program, I can just restore,
select the correct source directory, and the correct copy of
the .bpls.

I've dropped a number of packages simply because I could not
go back a version at will, and had a few cases of 'Start
from scratch' with a wipe and clean install of Builder, but
I can then put back the 'current' library set without any

I've got Builder6 on a new machine, nodoubt that will add
some fun, but the same rules apply.

When I have some spare time then no doubt I will have a look
at the past history in eMails as well.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services