Subject Re: Ga and TIB_Date
Author mmenaz
It's not a bug, it's a feature recently introduced. It's based upon the assumption that you usually enter dates not very far from the current day.
For instance, in Italy and in many countries we have the format dd/mm/yy. If I want to insert the date of 3 days ago, I have only to type '09', since '/03/02' is already part of the current date IB_Date proposes.
Don't you like it? :)
A pre-filled field is better than an empty one, when you usually have to fill it all.
Marco Menardi

--- In IBObjects@y..., "John Tomaselli" <jrt@g...> wrote:
> When inserting a record, if user goes to a tib_date field and starts to
> manually enter a date, the control inserts today's date after typing in the
> 1st character.
> John