Subject RE: [IBO] Query using to different databases (GDB)
Author Kaputnik
AFAIK, Interbase cannot do this.
The only way I know of would be to create one transaction and two
connections for IBO, so you can do multi-database-transactions.
Masterlinks and Keylinks should work well with IB_Datasets spanning
several connections, so you could replace your left join perfectly with
a MD-Relation of two Datasets. Reporting is not an issue with this, and
I do not think you really need to display data in a single grid with
some fantasy :-)


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> Subject: [IBO] Query using to different databases (GDB)
> Helo, we are converting a multi-enterprise application from db7 to IB.
> application has common table has enterprise specific ones. In db7
> make
> queries like this:
> SELECT A.*,B.*
> FROM 'c:\app\data\common\table1.dbf' A LEFT JOIN
> 'c:\app\data\enterprise001\table2.dbf' B on (A.ID = B.ID)
> How could it be done in IB?
> Note, using several GDBs is a must (needed to use data from other
> applications).
> Thanks, Dario