Subject Re: [IBO] Master-Detail for beginner
Author mmenaz
Hmmm.. 'Blank SQL statement not allowed' happens when you did not specify a SQL select in the query. Are you sure you are looking in the right place? (query.SQL property, or double click on the ib_query component, in the query editor go to the SQL tab).
You can not think that master-detail can't be used with IBO! So why give up? There are samples that come with IBO, have a look at those.
You can also make a "simple sample" and post here the DFM (form, right click, View as text", copy and paste here :)).
Marco Menardi

--- In IBObjects@y..., "John Elliott" <johne10464@e...> wrote:
> Thanks for looking into this, Helen. However all appears to be as it should,
> RequestLive is true on both datasets, and both are opened and prepared. I
> did remove the 'FOR UPDATE' from both SQL statements and now the app hangs
> up with message: EIB_StatementError, 'Blank SQL statement not allowed.
> Rechecking shows no blank SQL statements. I'm about ready to give up on
> this.