Subject Re: [IBO] Yahoo Crap
Author Jason Wharton
Oh, another important point, individual messages are not broadcast
separately. Each time a person logs on there will be a synchronization that
takes place. So, if they have not logged in for over 10 hours, they will get
a customized delta packet compressed and shipped over the wire efficiently
for the last 10 hours of stuff. Then on their end it will be decompressed
and applied.

So, where the hits will take place is when people log in and synchronize.
Perhaps Monday mornings will be the hardest but the fortunate thing is we
are all in spread out time zones. Also, the majority of what people will be
doing is on their local machines.

I believe this will have great benefits in a lot of ways.

Any other thoughts?

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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> and of bandwidth!
> having 1000 list-members subscribed to the IBO-List, broadcasting one
> message only means between 1MB and 3 MB depedning of the size of the
> message. having an average of 1000 messages per month, this means pushing
> probably 3GB of traffic through the wire on a not-constant basis but in
> large impulses. A normal ISP would take quite some money for such stuff I
> think.
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