Subject OT: e-mail attacks (was [IBO] Builder6)
Author Daniel Rail
At 06/03/2002 07:08 AM, you wrote:
> > It's not your mail account. Yahoo did decide to have a server-crash on
> > tuesday, and so all yahoo-lists did not work for more than 24h.
>May have been coincidence - I did not have any mail from
>Linux groups as well as other sources. Perhaps what affected
>yahoo had also hit my mail forwarder <g>

I think there was a e-mail attack on a lot of mail and list servers. Yahoo
might be saying that it was a hardware failure, but I think the truth might
be an attack. There were some spam e-mails in some of the Yahoo
Groups. Our company mail server crashed because it received over 600
e-mails within 2-3 minutes, Monday afternoon around 3pm EST, and none of
them were actually addressed to anybody on the mail server and the majority
did contain the same message. Also, my hotmail account had over 800 junk
mail in less than 3 hours on Monday and almost of them (99%) contained the
same message and same sender, which is highly unusual(I usually get between
10 and 50 junk mail a day on hotmail).

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