Subject Re: [IBO] firebird RC1 and RC2 gbak function
Author Helen Borrie (TeamIBO)
Tan Chin Leong,

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At 04:59 AM 06-03-02 +0000, you wrote:
>Greetings everyone,
> I have tried C:\firebird\bin>gbak -L -V -user sysdba -password
> d:\interbase\intlemp.gdb d:\temp\intlemp.gbk with the -L option -
> limbo and got an error:
> gbak: readied database d:\interbase\intlemp.gdb for backup
> gbak: creating file d:\temp\intlemp.gbk
> gbak: starting transaction
> gbak: ERROR: invalid transaction handle (expecting explicit
> gbak: Exiting before completion due to errors
> FYI, only this happens on firebird gbak function either RC1 or RC2.
>works fine with InterBase 6.0 gbak function.
>Any ideas what is going on ?
>Thank you
>Tan Chin Leong

Helen Borrie (TeamIBO Support)

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