Subject Re: [IBO] Builder6
Author Jason Wharton
Three cheers for Lester!
I just got my Builder 6 copy so if you would like me to test them on my
system and include them in the IBO distro I'd be most grateful to receive
them from you.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: Re: [IBO] Builder6

> > I have tracked the remaining problem with my
> > 'IBO40XDT_C6.BPL' to TDataSetEditor, which was added in
> > Delphi6. Does anybody know which runtime package this is
> > hidden in, or has Builder6 simply 'lost' it.
> OK I've got it. It's in the dcldb package.
> I ended up building the package from scratch, and now it is
> all working fine. The dcldb package has to be manually
> linked, and Builder6 has the same problem as Builder5 -
> changes done manually must be saved, and the project
> re-opened for the IDE to pick them up.
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