Subject Re: [IBO] Restructure minor problems and some requests
Author mmenaz
--- In IBObjects@y..., "Kaputnik" <delphi@k...> wrote:
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> > > > e) I HATE flat buttons, they break one of the basic interface
> > > > design principles, so I always set the bar Flat to false.
> > > > Unfortunately, your window ignores this setup... ;)
> > > >
> > >
> > > Ouch, you mean the flat buttons for moving the columns? Well,
> > flat or not
> > > flat is personal preference and not design principle and is not
> > a subject of
> > > discussion for me.
> > > I like them, you not. Period.
> >
> > Ok, but IT IS A DESIGN PRINCIPLE. If you put somebody in fron of
> > something that has the look of being pushable, he will try to
> > push it. If flat, who can imagin that can be pressed? IE is one
> > of the worse interface I've seen. You can't understand what
> > button is active if you don't move the mouse on it, and you have
> > to imagin that those stragne pictures are buttons and not
> > decorative effects. Of course, you can learn it, but you can also
> > leark WordStar key combinations...
> > (have a look to
> > But, of course, what Microsoft does, everybody likes...
> >
> Cooper is an authority, but not always right. Only god is always right, and
> Cooper is not him.
> Most people I know prefer flat, and none of my targeted users is confused by
> flat, as any targeted user knows IE better than Netscape :-)
> Lets take it really to preference, not design principle. A glyph itself
> imposes enough hint to push it.
Here we can discuss forever, but my real life experience is against flat, no visual clue things. I've some CD with encyclopedia that come qith magazines. They have "fat" interface, since producer think that is cool. It's a pain! you have to pass the mouse all over the window just to find what's alive and what's only decorative... Even ticked distributors with flat buttons are confusing.. yu have to look very carefully on the drawigs on the box to find out what can be touched and what not (here the goal is having nothing that bad people can break, so it's another matter).
As I stated, you can get used of whatever you want, even a mouse cursor that goed down when the mouse is moved up, but... ;)
> > >
> > > > What about having some more property to customize? Like colors...
> > >
> > > What do you mean with this? You mean an interface for TIB_SessionProps?
> > No, please, not. Just grid properties (fonts, selected color,
> > etc.... but maybe it's a wrong idea, some user could make a mess
> > of the grid :(
> >
> Don't forget: The restructure dialog work dataset-centric, and not
> grid-centric. The dialog does not know anything of the grid. It only knows
> the Datasource and its corresponding Dataset. I can only change
> Dataset-Properties, not grid ones. THe grid is only adapting the changes as
> they happen :-)
Oh, yes I forgot about that. But I've put some IB_Edits on the form too, and setting field not visible does not hide those IB_Edits, so the only control that seems to react to Restructure is grid. But it's right, all grid chained with that IB_Query will be affected... not too good :(

> Formstorage works both, with the registry and with Ini-Files. I prefer
> registry, other prefer ini-files. Again, a matter of preference.

ah, freedom :)

Thanks and regards
Marco Menardi