Subject Re: [IBO] HDR and SQLWhereItems
> Another possibility would be to add a method and make it the standard and
> proper way to populate items into the SQLWhereItems queue. The method could
> have with it a flags parameter that would describe how the criteria should
> be considered. Whether or not it is a major refinement to the records of the
> dataset or just a minor one. Meaning some criteria would be used to get a
> few records at a maximum (therefore using HDR would be counter-productive)
> and in other instances it might be something like reducing a large dataset
> by only a few records (therefore it would still be desirable to use HDR). I
> think I prefer this approach because we can add additional flags as
> necessary.
> How does this sound?

Are you talking about the property you suggested already ? HDRMode: hdrmAuto,
hdrmAlways, hdrmNever
If so, I really like the idea.