Subject RE: [IBO] Compiler warinig with 4.2Ga (not a real problem)
Author Kaputnik
There is a new VisibleButtons type called sbRestructure.
If you want to see how it is invoked programmatically, take a look at
IB_SearchBar.pas in the BtnClick method line 702++

If I can find some time, I'll add a standard-action type like the ones
already present. Its pretty easy to do so yourself (see
IB_StandardDatasets.pas, IB_ActionNavigate.pas and, but it
needs some time.

P.S. If someone has better glyphs for the Dialog than I had (I am a terribly
bad artist) let me know. I would be more than happy to change the glyphs
used in the Dialog.


Nick Josipovic

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University of Mannheim
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> BTW, h ow can I use your Restructure? I mean, is it in the design
> time editor of the IB_Query? Where? Is a separate program to run?
> Thanks
> Marco Menardi