Subject Re: IBO_4_2G and IBO_4_2Ga and small problem with tib_lookupcombo
Author mmenaz
Yes, I've noticed the same problem. It's not only when you have only one row. The horizontal scroll scrollbars is showned even if not necessary, partially hiding the last row. Of course, if you havo only one row this is a big problem, but it's annoying even if you have 2 or 3. Yes, the second time you drop down everything works good. The problem is old. I can remember it starting from a F_ subrelease... or older (maybe after Jason fixed a worse display problem...).
Marco Menardi

--- In IBObjects@y..., "Luiz" <cprmlao@i...> wrote:
> When clicking on arrow of tib_lookupcombo, I have noted that height and
> width of the combo is insufficient to show the records when the query of
> this tib_lookcombo has only one row. The effect is two scrollbars, one
> vertical and another horizontal with the record appearing partially.
> This occurs only the first time that I click on arrow to see the row. I
> click another time, all works well.
> This occur only when tib_lookupcombo has only a row, such as a
> tib_lookukcombo bound to a detail query in a relation M/D.
> Has someone noted the same problem?
> PS:Using IBO_4_2Ga and D6/win2000.
> Luiz.