Subject Re: [IBO] TIB vs. TIBO
Author mmenaz
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> Marco,
> I am giving specifications for date picker which I wrote. (Not from Scratch, based on something that I downloaded from internet. It is much improved by me)
> It is written in VB <gasp>
Shame on you! ;))

> It may be unncessarily feature rich <g>.

Double shame on you! ;))

> Please have a look at it and decide what portions of the functionality you want to use for IB_datetimepicker.
I'm working on IB_Date component, not IB_DatePicker. I don't need time in my apps, so I'm concentrating on what I need.

> From my experience I can tell if you, even if my users do not like my program they love my date time picker <g>

I've some programs with keystroke that can really save huge of time, but my users don't use them... they don't remember the keys, they are too lazy :(((

> All my date entry screens have same attention to detail.
> Assuming dd/mm/yyyy formatting

Where are you from?

> when typing into edit box after entering this if you click on tab


Just an opinio, but if you are a good typewriter, you take less time in typing the date you want than pressing the special keys you listed. But some combination seems a good one. Other require a date interpretation that is far beyond current IB_Date implementation.
I like the idea of "type what is meaningful for you, let the computer do the correct interpretation" (Alan Cooper ;), but it's not very easy to implement, and since edit mask is a convenient editing facility too, it's a contrasting requirement...
Thanks for your ideas, I will better esaminate this night and let you know :)

> Also the colors used are very pleasing to the eye. If you are interested let me i will upload the program to yahoogroups files area and you can install on your
> machine this VB Date picker and see how it works.

I don't have VB (thanks Good). You can copy the screen (Print button), crop the image to show only calendar, send it/them to me at:
Marco Menardi