Subject Re: [IBO] Searching with ib_searchpanel
Author stanw1950
I hate to ask 2 more questions, but because I still can't get this to
work here goes:

1. "sl.add('CTL.IB_SearchPanel1.edIB_SearchPanel1_0='+string_var);"

"IB_SearchPanel1" = the name of the search panel -ok.

"edIB_SearchPanel1_0" = what? I put in 2 grid links and so have 2
boxes in the search grid. They don't have any name for referencing
that I can find. What name is this from?

2. You say the string variable should "contain a valid expression
that IBO can handle". What kind of expressions can IBO handle? If I
want a part number that starts with 'bac', do I just put bac in the

Thanks a lot.

Stan Walker

--- In IBObjects@y..., "Andreas Pohl" <apohl@i...> wrote:
> working syntax:
> sl.add('CTL.IB_SearchPanel1.edIB_SearchPanel1_0='+string_var);
> string_var should only contain a valid expression that IBO cand
handle even
> in visual mode. So you can't use a "where" clause...
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> Andreas Pohl
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