Subject Re[3]: [IBO] TIB vs. TIBO (a few more comments).
Author Carlos H. Cantu
A few more comments about this subject...

I know the native controls (edits, lookups, etc...) are much more
eficient than the "standard" ones. That's the main reason someone
would use them instead of standard comps BUT, there are times that you
need extra power components that unfortunatelly are not available as
IBO native. This is the case of DBExpressGrid, Infopower and some

I doubt Jason has the intention, the time, and the $ to develop a grid
like the DBExpressGrid (just an example), so the use of TIBO* are a
necessity here. Fortunatelly Jason have done a very good job in the
TIBO comps and their performance is almost the same as the TIB_Query
(of course, it uses an internal TIB_Query to do the job ;).

As I told before, I'm very happy with the way I'm using the comps
(TIBO* and TIB_*). The TIBO* branch is very important for me and I
have no life without it.


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DR> At 27/02/2002 08:57 AM, you wrote:
>>I use more or less in the same way as Artur. TIBO for data entry
>>because I use some external libraries like Infopower, RXLib, etc...
>>and they works only with TDataset descendents. It works pretty well
>>and I'm very satisfied.
>>For any other internal operations I use native controls.

DR> Same here. I need the use of the TDataset visual components, because of
DR> the visual effects in our application. But, whenever possible, I use IBO
DR> native visual components.

DR> Daniel Rail
DR> Senior System Engineer